The world’s first handheld cell culture monitor to measure oxygen consumption in standard and multi-well plates, providing continuous insight directly from your incubator.

NanoDrop Eight

Quality. Quantity. Speed

To celebrate 20 years of NanoDrop, Thermo Scientific are excited to announce the New NanoDrop Eight. A high-performance multi-sample spectrophotometer, bringing the latest innovations in sample quality assessment and workflow integration


Automated 3D Cell-Based Assays

The Pu·MA SYSTEM 3D has been designed to automate assays for your 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids. The Pu·MA SYSTEM 3D maintains the cells in our specially designed flowchips to allow automated media or reagent exchanges for oncology, toxicity, metabolomics or neuroscience research.

NanoDrop One

Original UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop One is the latest generation standalone UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, providing a clearer picture of sample quality including DNA/RNA differentiation.

NanoDrop Lite Plus

Fast. Accurate. Affordable

The latest generation of compact microvolume spectrophotometer. The perfect choice for routine sample quantification and purity assessment of nucleic acids and purified proteins

Grow, Prepare, Analyse


Innovative solutions for cell growth including under physiologically relevant conditions or as 3D cultures


A clinostat CO2 incubator allowing you to culture cells in 3D. The unique anti-gravity design ensures low shear stress and active diffusion, providing a powerful tool to create in-vitro models, and make your research more relevant and reproducible


Rapid recovery CO2 incubator which provides precision control over the environmental conditions that your cells need to thrive (humidity, temperature and CO2), whilst delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted


Essential tools for the cell culture process including centrifugation and cell counting

Luna FX7

A multi award-winning automated cell counter which combines unmatched counting accuracy, with the ability to count up to 8 samples at a time. Pharma and Bioprocess ready 

MSE Centrifuges

For over 80 years MSE have provided essential equipment for research. Their latest generation of centrifuges provide a reliable, easy to use and flexible solution for this key preparation stage


Monitor or evaluate cells using our novel metabolic, biochemical and imaging platforms


Convert your 96-well microplate into a precise, real-time oxygen consumption rate (OCR) monitor. Carry out OCR measurements using your existing workflow, media, and plates


How tight are your tight junctions? Automated impedance measurements for barrier-forming cells. A powerful tool for cell line QC or for monitoring the influence of drugs or toxins on the barrier function of cell layers


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