The world’s first handheld cell culture monitor to measure oxygen consumption in standard and multi-well plates, providing continuous insight directly from your incubator.


Rapid Recovery Incubator

ReCO₂ver™ provides precision control over the environmental conditions your cells require to thrive while delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted

NanoDrop Eight

Quality. Quantity. Speed

To celebrate 20 years of NanoDrop, Thermo Scientific are excited to announce the New NanoDrop Eight. A high-performance multi-sample spectrophotometer, bringing the latest innovations in sample quality assessment and workflow integration


Automated 3D Cell-Based Assays

The Pu·MA SYSTEM 3D has been designed to automate assays for your 3D cell models, organoids or spheroids. The Pu·MA SYSTEM 3D maintains the cells in our specially designed flowchips to allow automated media or reagent exchanges for oncology, toxicity, metabolomics or neuroscience research.

NanoDrop One

Original UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop One is the latest generation standalone UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, providing a clearer picture of sample quality including DNA/RNA differentiation.

NanoDrop Lite Plus

Fast. Accurate. Affordable

The latest generation of compact microvolume spectrophotometer. The perfect choice for routine sample quantification and purity assessment of nucleic acids and purified proteins

ReCO2ver – Rapid Recovery Incubator

ReCO2ver provides precision control over the environmental conditions that your cells need to thrive, whilst delivering unprecedented recovery over those conditions after they have been interrupted.

Rapid Recovery

Innovative design and technologies ensure rapid recovery to the set points for temperature, CO2 and relative humidity after door openings. The time taken for optimal growth conditions to be regained is minimised, crucial for the integrity of your research.

Total Control

Unlike the majority of incubators, ReCO2ver allows users to accurately define and control relative humidity as well as CO2 and temperature. This active humidity control prevents condensation forming even at high levels of RH (>90%).

Maximum Protection

Baker have been at the forefront of biosafety and biocontainment for over 70 years, having introduced the world’s first clean air workstation. This unrivalled experience has been put into ReCO2ver to ensure that precious cell cultures are protected from contamination. ReCO2ver uses a large full face HEPA filter and uniform downward airflow to rapidly sweep away and capture contaminants, delivering better than ISO Class 4 air.


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