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Hitachi M4 SEM specimen stubs and mounts

Micro to Nano’s comprehensive selection of Hitachi M4 SEM specimen stubs include sizes from 15mm up to 100mm in diameter to support virtually all applications.

Hitachi M4 stubs have an M4 threaded hole in the base and are made from high quality vacuum grade aluminium. All stubs are manufactured in line with original Hitachi specifications and are fully compatible with standard Hitachi specimen stub holders and stage adaptors.

Hitachi M4 SEM specimen stubs:

  • Hitachi cylindrical stubs with standard (flat) tops.
  • Hitachi angled stubs designed to quickly image specimens at a pre-tilt angle of 45° or 90° –  with or without using tilt on the SEM stage
  • Hitachi stub swivel mount which can be tilted by up to 90° in both directions
  • Hitachi dish cylinder stubs allow preparation of liquids directly onto the stub with the dish design preventing fluids from dripping from the stub.
  • Hitachi stub extenders offer quick adjustment of height to bring specimens closer to the pole piece
  • Hitachi pin-type stub with M6 threaded pins fits directly into Hitachi stage adaptors – useful to reduce height of tall specimens or for use with airlock system

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