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SEM / FIB product index

Below you will find an index to our wide range of products for TEM

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Acoustic pump/chiller boxes


Acoustic pump/chiller boxes

Adhesive -carbon, high temperature, conducting

Adhesive tape – copper

AFM specimen mounts

Applicator sticks & cotton swabs


Beakers – PTFE


Calibration – large area

Calibration – checkerboard -type

Calibration standards – EDX Checker

Calibration standards for EDS, WDS, DSD, Raman etc

Calibration standards for SEM

Calibration standards – magnification

Carbon (graphite) powder

Carbon and graphite discs

Carbon coater – high vacuum

Carbon coater – standard vacuum

Carbon/sputter – high vacuum

Carbon/sputter – standard vacuum

Carbon/sputter coater – large chamber

Carbon fibre thread

Carbon paint 

Carbon rods

Carbon stubs

Carbon tabs

Carbon tape

Cleaning and polishing (Pikal and Wenol)

Copper adhesive tape 

Copper powder

Core sampling punches with plunger 

Cotton swabs & applicator sticks

Critical point dryer – automatic

Critical point dryers – all models 

Cryo EM foam dewars and jugs​ (discontinued)

Cryo FIB lift-out (Kleindiek) 


Desiccators (polycarbonate)


Embedding clips (metallographic)

Embedding moulds – silicone

Embedding powders (carbon & copper)

Epoxies – silver-filled 

Eucentric 5-axis substage (Kleindiek)


Faraday cup 

FEI SEM stage adaptors

FIB grid holders

FIB grid storage boxes

FIB grids 

FIB pre-tilt holders 

Filaments – LAB6 

Filaments – tungsten

Film thickness monitor – quartz crystals 

Finder grid subtrate for SEM (silicon)

Force measurement system (Kleindiek)

Four-point probe (Kleindiek)


Gatan 3View pin storage box

Gatan 3View pins 

Gatan 3View tweezers 

Gel carrier boxes (sticky) 

Geological specimen holders 

Graphite powder


Hitachi SEM stage adaptors 

Hitachi SEM stub adaptors

Hitachi SEM stubs 



JEOL SEM stage adaptors

JEOL SEM stub adaptors 

JEOL SEM stubs


Kleindiek micromanipulators

Kleindiek micromanipulators, substages & nanotools


LAB6  filaments

Lens tissue

Liquid nitrogen dewars 

Low current measurement (Kleindiek)


Magnification calibration

Magnification calibration X-Y

Metal powders (carbon & copper)

Metal substrate discs

Metallographic mount holders (Smart-Clip)

Metallographic embedding clips

Metallographic embedding moulds – silicone

Microgripper (Kleindiek)

Micromanipulators (Kleindiek)

Mounting media 

Multi-stub holders – Hitachi stubs

Multi-stub holders – JEOL stubs

Multi-stub holders – pin stubs 



Optical lens tissue 


Paint – silver

Petri dishes 

Pin stub adaptors 

Pin stubs – low profile 

Pin stubs – all

Plasma cleaner – EM 

Plasma cleaners – all

Preparation pods and stands 

Preparation tiles and mats 

Probe workstation (Kleindiek)

Punches – core sampling with plunger 



RF Plasma cleaners – all 

Really Robust Stub boxes


SEM conductive coating fluid 

SEM finder grid substrate (silicon)

SEM marker pen 

SEM mounting media 

SEM sampling kits 

SEM specimen holders 

SEM Stage adaptors 

SEM stage adaptors – ThermoFisher (FEI)

SEM stage adaptors – Zeiss 

SEMGLU – vacuum compatible glue 

Silicon finder grid 

Silicon grid standard 

Silicon wafers & chips – gold coated

Silicon wafers, substrates & supports 

Silicone embedding moulds

Silver microtip pen 

Silver paint 

Silver-filled epoxies

Specimen holders 

Specimen mounts – SEM 

Specimen storage – SEM, TEM, AFM etc

Sputter coater – high vacuum 

Sputter coater – standard vacuum

Sputter/carbon coater – high vacuum 

Sputter/carbon coater – standard vacuum

Sputter/carbon coater – large chamber

Sputtering target selection guide 

Sputtering targets 

Sticky gel carrier boxes 

Stub adaptors

Stub adaptors – JEOL 

Stub boxes – really robust

Stub handling tweezers

Stubs – Hitachi 

Stub holders Hitachi – multiple

Stubs – JEOL 

Stub preparation stands

Stub storage boxes

Stubs – carbon 

Stubs – Hitachi 

Stubs – JEOL​ 

Stubs – low profile

Stubs – pin​

Stubs – Zeiss short pin

Substages and linear tables (Kleindiek)

Swabs – foam-tipped



ThermoFisher (FEI) SEM stage adaptors

Tweezers – stub handling



Vacuum – components

Vacuum – portable gauges

Vacuum compatible adhesive 

Vacuum desiccators (polycarbonate) 

Vacuum pick-up tools

Vacuum storage

Vice – universal with bench clamp


Wafer carrier trays

Wafer cleaving pliers 

Wafer holders – SEM




Zeiss SEM stage adaptors