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Kleindiek MGS2 microgripper

The Kleindiek MGS microgripper plug-in tool fits easily into the MM3A-EM or MM3E micromanipulator.

  • High precision microgripper solution for MM3A
  • Operated from MM3A Nanocontroller
  • Quick and easy to fit to MM3A-EM

The MGS2-EM microgripper plug-in provides a high-resolution gripping solution for transport and assembly of micro and nano sized objects using a Kleindiek MM3A-EM or MM3E micromanipulator.

The gripper arms are tungsten probe tips and are piezo-controlled, allowing a step size of 20 nm. The gripping force can be derived from the NanoControl’s display. Custom-shaped gripper tips are available on request.

The MGS2-EM microgripper can be combined and further enhanced with the rotational tip to allow gripped objects to be rotated.

Also available in a cryo version for work at low temperatures, a UHV version and a version for work in high humidity.


  • Nanomanipulation
  • In-situ FIB lift-out

Part number PL-MGS2-EM-001  – a microgripper plug-in for the MM3A-EM and MM3E.

Total length: 28 mm
Tip length: 5 mm
Height: 5 mm
Gripping area: (5 to 10 µm)²
Resolution: 20 nm
Gripping force: 5 to 5000 µN (variable)
Maximum span range: 20 to 40 µm
Temperature range: 273 K to 353 K
Lowest pressure: 10-7 mbar

All technical specifications are approximate. Due to continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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