WSE-1165 Protein electrophoresis mini-slab gel tank

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Protein electrophoresis mini-slab gel tank optional gel casting kit

The latest WSE-1165 tank is an evolution of the successful AE-6500 model. It provides fast and high-resolution separation of your proteins. The durable acrylic construction is designed to provide years of high quality results

WSE-1165 Brochure


Leak-free Operation – Reliable sealing mechanism ensures electrophoresis is completed without the risk of leaks and disruption

Smile-free Results – An electrophoresis chamber designed to regulate gel temperature combined with an innovative comb ensure publication quality results

Easy to Use – Intuitive casting and plate securing design. Easy loading of samples due to clear view of the wells

Flexible – Compatible with popular pre-cast gels or make your own gels with the optional gel-casting kit