Celena X

 Automated High-Content Imaging

The Logos Biosystems Celena X provides a flexible and powerful solution to high-content imaging and subsequent analysis

Features & Benefits

  • LED Light Sources
  • Powerful Excitation
  • Motorised Stage
  • Multi-Well Imaging
  • Precision Optics
  • Sensitive and Detailed Images
  • Comprehensive Software
  • Facilitates Your Workflow

Further Information

  • Precision automated X, Y and Z stage
  • Up to 4 high-power LED based filter cubes
  • Standard image-based autofocus
  • Optional laser-based autofocus for increased speed and reduced photobleaching and phototoxicity
  • Standard high sensitivity monochrome camera
  • Optional dual camera configuration with additional colour camera
  • Five position motorised objective turret 
  • Compatible with Logos Biosystems, Olympus and Zeiss objectives
  • Celena X Explorer software provides intuitive creation of assays
  • Optional Celena X Analyser software provides sophisticated data analysis tools


Imaging Modes

4-channel fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast (colour brightfield)

Light Source

High-power LED filter cubes with adjustable intensity (> 50,000 hours life per cube)

Filter Cube Stage

Motorised with 4 interchangeable fluorescence filter cubes and 1 brightfield filter cube

Objective Turret

Motorised 5 position compatible with Olympus, Zeiss and Logos Biosystems objectives


Motorised with choice of basic or phase-contrast versions. Basic: 60mm LWD with 4 positions. Phase-Contrast: 60mm LWD with 4 positions and 3 phase annuli


Monochrome CMOS 1.92 MP (Optional Colour CMOS 1.92 MP)


Image-Based (Optional Laser-Based)

Stage Control

Motorised X/Y Stage (120 x 80 mm). Motorised Z Stage (10 mm)


External PC with 27 inch 4K UHD monitor

Dimensions (W × D × H)

Main Body: 39 × 46 × 50 cm (15.4 × 18.1 × 19.7 in.) Controller: 17 x 30 x 23 cm (6.7 x 11.8 x 9.1 in.)


Main Body: 33 kg (72.8 lbs.) Controller: 7 kg (15.4 lbs.)


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