Newton 7.0

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In-Vivo Imaging optical imaging

The Newton 7.0 range from Vilber provides an innovative new platform for in-vivo optical imaging. They combine market leading camera and lens technology with innovative new features to provide a novel and in many cases a more affordable solution than traditional platforms. Newton allows sensitive bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging of small animals as well as ex-vivo and in-vitro applications. For in-vivo work, Newton allows visualisation and tracking of tumour development or disease progression in living animals.

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Versatile – 8 excitation channels included as standard. 10 position filter wheel with 8 emission filters included. 3D tomography capability with integrated infra-red 3D cameras. Macro imaging mode with 6×6 cm field of view.

Custom Made V.070 Lens – A custom made fixed focal length lens with unique f0.7 aperture provides superior sensitivity and image sharpness

Easy to Use – Fully automated darkroom design, intuitive software and easy to clean design. Superimpose signal over organs or bone structures of the animal

Animal Management – Heated animal bed and 20 x 20 cm field of view allow up to 5 mice to be imaged. Optional BIOSTHESIA gas anesthesia system