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Automated DNA and Protein fractionating system

Collect 12 Contiguous Fractions from a Single Sample

The SageELF is a novel tool for fractionating DNA samples for next-gen sequencing. Featuring a unique electrophoretic design, the platform slices DNA samples into 12 contiguous fractions, and collects them in separate buffer-filled sample wells. The process is simplified into a few short steps: we provide the precast gel, software predicts the fractionation profile, and you then load your sample. After 2-3 hours, simply collect your fractions in buffer using a pipette.

Whole Sample Fractionation for NGS:
• Construct libraries with multiple insert sizes
• Pool fractions to optimize library size and amount
• Reduce complexity of total RNA samples
• Recover and archive valuable samples

Multiple-size NGS libraries from a single sample provide more flexibility in addressing sequencing challenges such as structural rearrangements, splice variant discovery, closing gaps, and understanding complex genomes.

Fraction sizes are typically within 15% of the software input value (within the range provided) when the internal standard is used.

High Sample Recovery
Between 50-80% of a sample can be recovered if the whole sample is fractionated.

Benefits of the SageELF System:                                       

  • Reduces the complexity of RNA (cDNA) or protein samples
  • Allows construction of DNA libraries with multiple insert sizes for improved assembly
  • Allows sequencing of valuable DNA and retrieving sample for later study

Key Downstream Technologies:

  • Proteomics and mass spec
  • Mate-pair sequencing
  • Splice variant detection