Nikon Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope

A compact inverted research microscope configurable with a wide variety of observation methods.

The ECLIPSE Ts2R has a compact body that can easily fit in limited laboratory spaces while maintaining excellent operability.

Simple Operation – Intuitively located controls

Comfort – Ergonomic considerations such as lowered stage height for comfortable hand positioning

LED Illumination – high intensity light for a range of observation methods, including four fluorescence channels with the Ts2R-FL model

Emboss Contrast – Nikon’s new contrast technique allows observation of thick samples such as embryos with no need for special objectives or annuli

Compact body – Small footprint with vibration-resistance; easily fits in laminar flow hoods

Advanced optics – Nikon’s CFI60 objective lenses provide high numerical apertures and long working distances


Observation methods – Brightfield, Phase Contrast, DIC, Emboss Contrast, Nikon Advanced Modulation Contrast, Spindle Observation, Epi-Fluorescence (FL model)

Illumination – LED illumination

Fluorescence – up to 4 user-selected channels

Eyepieces (FOV) – 10X (22), 15X (16) 20X (12.5)

Z-Focus – Nosepiece Movement

Nosepiece – Sextuple with DIC prism slots

Condenser – ELWD, LWD. Up to 7 contrast modules

Slider – Pre-centred or centering PH slider, Emboss contrast slider

Stage – 260×300 mm (XY)

Dimensions – 286x466x300 (WxDxH mm)

Weight – 17kg

Power Consumption – 30W