Nikon SMZ1270 / SMZ1270i Stereo Microscope

The SMZ1270/1270i offers the highest-in-class zoom ratio of 12.7x alongside optional intelligent features

Incredible sharpness throughout a wide magnification range.

It offers a wide viewfield at low magnification, enabling easy confirmation of observation targets, while its cutting-edge optics provide bright and sharp images through the entire viewfield. The SMZ1270i is also equipped with intelligent functions that enable automatic detection of magnification data.

Highest-in-class zoom ratio – 12.7x (0.63-8x) allowing both low-magnification viewing of the whole of a 35mm petri dish and observation of minute cell structures.

High-level chromatic aberration correction – providing sharp images without blur or color fringe

High quality objectives images are uniformly bright even at low magnification.

Intelligent function – the SMZ1270i detects zoom and magnification data. When combined with the Intelligent Nosepiece, objective data is also detected. Calibration data is automatically updated, following changes in magnification to display the appropriate scale and measurement results