Nikon SMZ800N Stereo Microscope

Versatile stereo microscope with 8:1 zoom, improved operability and basic performance.

The SMZ800N offers higher magnification than conventional models, enabling high-resolution observation of minute structures. In combination with the new objective series, its improved chromatic aberration correction provides bright and sharp images through the entire viewfield. The parallel optics design allows ergonomic accessories and observation attachments to be used in a wide range of applications.

High resolution and wide zoom ratio of 8: 1.

Semi-Apochromat optics reduce chromatic aberration throughout the viewfield.

Diverse range of objectives for varied applications

On-axis imaging for accurate sample measurement and extended depth of focus.

Ergonomic design with a range of eyepiece inclination angles for comfortable observation for each user.

Oblique Coherent Contrast illumination to boost contrast of transparent samples