pE-400max LED Illumination System for Fluoresence Microscopy

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365nm to 635nm LED Excitation with imaging software integration and individual channel switching

The pE-400 Series delivers the most advanced yet cost-effective illumination for routine to advanced fluorescence microscopy applications. Four powerful LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-635 nm for use with fluorophores ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5. While the bright white pE-400 offers the ideal lamp replacement, the four-channel pE-400max enhances performance in applications where speed and control is crucial, such as live cell imaging and optogenetics. The pE-400max includes individial channel control, Graphical User Interface, Sequence Runner for affordable automation and inline excitation filter holders.


  • Global control of white light
  • Broad spectrum white light from 365-635nm
  • Seamless integration into compatible third party imaging software 
  • < 10 μs global TTL triggering for camera synchronisation 
  • Simple control pod for intuitive manual operation
  • Optimised irradiance control in 1% steps
  • Direct fit available for higher irradiance with all major microscope models
  • Optional liquid light guide delivery
  • 4 channels individually controlled
  • Sequence Runner for software control with spee of TTL
  • pE-400max  LightBridge graphical user interface for intuitive digital operation