Nikon Ts2 Inverted Microscope

Simple to use & compact Inverted microscope with optional fluorescence

Utilizing Nikon’s industry-leading CFI60 optical system and LED illumination for both Diascopic and Epi-fluorescence imaging, the ECLIPSE Ts2 inverted microscope offers brilliantly clear images, enabling more efficient cell culture observation and documentation. Furthermore, a newly developed contrast observation method and improved operability enhances its use for routine laboratory work.

LED Illumination – reduces set-up time and energy consumption, whilst providing consistent, highly controllable illumination

Simple Operation – Intuitively located controls for diascopic and Epi-Fluorescence illumination to improve workflow efficiency

Emboss Contrast – for pseudo-3D imaging of thick specimens with no need for specialised objectives

Compact – for reduced footprint, with stable, vibration-resistant design


Observation methods – Brightfield, Apodized Phase Contrast, Phase Contrast, Emboss Contrast, Epi-Fluorescence (FL Model)

Illumination – LED illumination

Fluorescence – up to 3 user-selected channels

Eyepieces (FOV) – 10X (22), 15X (16) 20X (12.5)

Z-Focus – Nosepiece Movement

Nosepiece – Quintuple

Condenser – ELWD (NA 0.3, WD 75mm)

Slider – Pre-centred or centering PH slider, Emboss contrast slider

Stage – Plain stage with acrylic Stage Ring, Optional Mechanical Stage, 126 (X) x 78 (Y)mm

Dimensions – 236x564x471 (WxDxH mm)

Weight – 14.5kg

Power Consumption – 15W