PHO2X BOX is a new gas controlled physoxia / hypoxia system that provides accurate gas control at an attractive price.

PHO2X BOX is an affordable and innovative tool to bring the benefits of physoxia to your research. Ideally suited for shorter term experiments where cell splitting or media exchange is not required. PHO2X BOX allows you to create physiologically relevant conditions inside your existing incubator or to study another gas environment within your hypoxia / physoxia workstation.

Download the PHO2BOX Brochure


Gas Mixing – PHO2BOX includes a compact gas mixer allowing you to regulate oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to best suit your experimental needs

Flexible – Compact and lightweight cell culture chamber design allows you to place into an incubator or workstation to provide temperature control. It can also be used on the bench if temperature control / heating is not required

Cell Culture Chambers – A choice of four cell culture chambers are available (small or large, clear or light reducing). All are gas sealed, have removable shelving, and are easy to clean

User Friendly – Touchscreen control of gas levels, hypoxic cycling, integrated data logging (up to 12 months history), audible alarms and temperature display as standard. Optional factory-fitted cable glands provide additional assay flexibility