Pippin Prep™

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Automated DNA size selection system

The Sage Science product portfolio combines pre-cast agarose cassettes with a high-precision, automated solution for the accurate and targeted size-selection of DNA fragments for library construction in NGS workflows

Facilitates library construction for commonly used short-read NGS platforms, including Illumina (iSeq 100, MiniSeq, MiSeq, NextSeq, HiSeq, NovaSeq) and Ion Torrent

Rapid Run Times
Eliminates laborious, time-intensive steps associated with manual gels, thus reducing time from several hours to as little as 1 hour

Automated Programmable Runs
Eliminates intra and inter experimental variability associated with manual gel size selection

Pre-cast, Dye-free Disposable Agarose Gel Cassettes
Pre-cast agarose cassettes are free from SYBR and EtBr intercalating dyes, thus eliminating the need for subsequent sample clean-up

Offers highly intuitive software with pre-defined cassette conditions

Contaminant Removal
Eliminates primer-dimers and adaptor-dimers generated during PCR and ligation reaction, respectively

Downstream Application Compatibility
Compatible with a plethora of short-read NGS applications, including paired-end sequencing, emPCR, RNAseq and ChIPseq


Instrument Control – Built-in hard drive

Minimum Sample Amount/Lane – 15 ng

Maximum Sample amount/lane – 5 µg

Electrophoresis Voltage – 100 V or 150 V constant

Optical Detection – 535 nm excitation | 640 nm emission

Power Requirements – 100-240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50-60 Hz

Weight – 15 lbs / 7 kg

Dimensions – 7h x 11w x 21d (in) | 18h x 28w x 53 d (cm)

  • Automated size selection
  • Eliminates operator-dependent variability
  • Short-read NGS library construction
  • Size selects inserts from 100bp to 1.5kb
  • Pre-programmed runs
  • Sample-to-Sample reproducibility
  • Tighter size selection
  • Improves coverage and yield, resulting in lower sequence costs


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