Sage HLS

Extraction and Library Prep System

Unlike other members of the Sage Science family, the Sage HLS provides a novel in situ solution to DNA extraction and automated DNA size selection, thus facilitating the targeted enrichment of high molecular weight DNA for long-read sequencing from intact cells

One-stop Sample Preparation
DNA extraction, enzymatic reaction and DNA size selection is undertaken in situ in agarose cassettes for long-read genomics

Flexible Enzymatic Treatments
A plethora of enzymatic treatments can be performed in situ (with endonucleases, ligases, nickases, cleavases or polymerases) to modify genomic DNA into labelled or tagged libraries

Cas-9 Assisted Targeting of CHromosomal segments (CATCH) utilises guide RNAs (gRNAs) and a Cas9 nuclease that can be used for the targeted purification of HMW DNA

HMW DNA Target Enrichment
Enables analysis of pseudogenes segmental duplications and copy number variants

Fast run times
Rapid completion of runs:
Treatment (30 min)
Collection (1-6 hr)

Application Flexibility
Compatible with a plethora of downstream applications, including optical mapping, long-read sequencing, bar-coded linked reads and structural variant analysis


Instrument control – Built-in hard drive

Maximum DNA load – 10 µg DNA cell, nuclei or spheroblast equivalents

Electrophoresis voltage – 25-100V pulsed field and 150V constant

Optical detection  – None

Sample Heating Range – 15-60 c

Power requirements – 100-240 VAC, 2.5 A, 50-60 Hz

Weight – 20 Ibs/9 Kg

Dimensions – 12h x 13w x 10d (in), 31h x 33w x 25d (cm), w/closed lid

Extract DNA up to 2Mb directly from cells – Preserve genomic DNA to chromosomal length
One-stop sample prep for long-read genomics – DNA extraction, enzymatic fragmentation and size selection performed in a single pre-cast agarose cassette
Sample flexibility – Prepare DNA from various cell types, tissues and organisms
Ease-of-use – Highly intuitive software controls pre-programmed protocols