Electrophoretic Tissue Clearing

The Logos Biosystems X-Clarity provides a complete solution to tissue clearing with unprecedented speed, flexibility and consistency

Features & Benefits

  • Fast and reproducible clearing
  • Save time and precious samples
  • Versatile
  • Clear the broadest range of sample types
  • Safe
  • No need for hazardous solvents
  • Plug and play
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Compatible
  • Use with a range of imaging platforms / approaches

Clearing Stages

  • After fixation in PFA samples are incubated in Hydrogel at 4 degrees C
  • The Logos X-Clarity Hydrogel Solution Kit provides easy to use and high quality reagents for this crucial stage of the process
  • After hydrogel infusion, samples are polymerised by removing oxygen and heating to 37 degrees C
  • The X-Clarity Polymerisation System provides an easy to use and reproducible means of ensuring correct polymerisation
  • Integrated vacuum pump and accurate heating ensures the optimal environment
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface allows settings to be optimised if required
  • Two heating block positions with choice of blocks for either 50 ml conical tubes or SBS microplates
  • The X-Clarity uses uni
  • Innovative technology ensures fast and efficient lipid removal
  •  Peltier based temperature control preserves precious samples
  • Innovative chamber design for reproducible clearing
  • Integrated peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation
  • Colour touchscreen interface with choice of active or passive modes
  • A wide selection of optimised sample holders 
  • For samples with intrinsic fluorescence it is possible to proceed straight to mounting and imaging
  •  The New DeepLabel kit helps to ensure bright and efficient immunolabelling
  • X-Clarity Mounting media accurately matches the refractive index of the sample
  • Preserves and optimises fluorescence signal

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