Bugbox Mx

Compact microaerophilic and anaerobic workstation

The Bugbox Mx from Baker is the latest generation of microaerophilic workstation, providing precision environmental control in the smallest microaerophilic chamber with interlock. The workstation allows you to easily switch between strictly anaerobic or oxygen-controlled microaerophilic conditions, and is therefore ideally suited for microbiome research, as well as studying the complex interactions between mammalian cells and bacteria.

Compact Footprint
790 mm wide x 679 mm deep, saves valuable benchspace, with a modern, user-friendly design. Despite the compact dimensions, the Bugbox Mx is still able to hold 270 x 90 mm petri dishes or 152 x 96 well plates

Designed for Strict Microaerophilic Conditions
An acrylic airtight chamber, palladium catalyst and Ezee Sleeves™ with N2 purge, ensure that a precisely controlled low oxygen environment is maintained

Precision Environmental Control
Precision control of O2 (0.0-23%), CO2 (0.1-30%), temperature (RT+ 5 up to 45 ˚C) and humidity, with intuitive touchscreen control

Designed for culturing either strictly anaerobic bacteria or microaerophilic and capnophilic organisms. Use in a wide range of applications including clinical microbiology, microbiome research and food safety testing

Quick and Easy Access
Gloveless cuffed Ezee Sleeve™ system takes less than 30 seconds for direct hand access

Flexible Interlock
The large 10.7 l interlock can hold up to 30 x 90mm petri dishes and has a fast 30 second purge time


Standard specification includes:

  • Ezee Sleeve™ glove ports
  • Humidity control via Aquasorb bead sachets (5 included)
  • Side mounted SPES (single plate entry system)
  • One internal power socket
  • Internal lighting (touchscreen controlled)
  • Optical O2 sensor with 4 year lifespan
  • Palladium catalyst
  • Removeable front screen
  • Internal shelf
  • Petri dish holders
  • Touchscreen with data logging capability via SD card
  • Foot pedal for sleeve vacuum / gassing
  • Cleaning kit
  • Internal HEPA filtration (ISO class 3)
  • External HEPA (exhaust) containment
  • Single cable gland
  • Multi cable gland
  • Additional internal power socket
  • Vacuum connection port
  • Ezee Cuff™ system

Instrument Control – Built-in colour touchscreen

External Dimensions  – 790 x 679 x 872 mm (w x d x h)

Internal Dimensions  – 540 x 546 x 535 mm (w x d x h)

Workstation Capacity – 152 x 96 well microplates or 270 x 90 mm petri dishes

Interlock Dimensions  – 149 x 253 x 285 mm (w x d x h)

Interlock Capacity – 26 x 96 well microplates or 26 x 900 mm petri dishes (2 x large petri dish holders)

Interlock Time Cycle  – 30 seconds

Weight  – 59 kgs