InvivO2 300 – Compact Hypoxia / Physoxia workstation

The New InvivO2 300 from Baker has the smallest lab bench area of any hypoxia / physoxia chamber with interlock, yet still offers all of the features required to allow the study of even the most complex cell interactions under physiologically relevant conditions. A user-friendly, powerful, but affordable platform to add low oxygen workflows to your research.

Compact Footprint

790 mm wide x 679 mm deep, saves valuable benchspace, with a modern, user-friendly design

Designed for Strict Hypoxic Conditions

An acrylic airtight chamber and Ezee Sleeves™ with N2 purge, ensure that a precisely controlled low oxygen environment is maintained.

Precision Environmental Control

Precision control of O2 (0.1-23%), CO2 (0.1-30%), temperature (RT+ 5 up to 45 ˚C) and humidity, with intuitive touchscreen control.

Quick and Easy Access

Gloveless cuffed Ezee Sleeve™ system takes less than 30 seconds for direct hand access.

Flexible Interlock

The large 10.7 l interlock can hold up to twenty six 96 well plates and has a fast 30 second purge time.

Standard Specification Includes

  • Ezee Sleeve™ glove ports
  • Humidity control via Aquasorb bead sachets (5 included)
  • Side mounted SPES (single plate entry system)
  • One internal power socket
  • Internal lighting (touchscreen controlled)
  • Optical O2 sensor with 4 year lifespan
  • Removable front screen
  • Hypoxic cycling
  • Touchscreen with data logging capability via SD card
  • Foot pedal for sleeve vacuum / gassing
  • Cleaning kit

Optional Features Include:

  • Internal HEPA filtration (ISO class 3)
  • External HEPA (exhaust) containment
  • Single cable gland
  • Multi cable gland
  • Additional internal power socket
  • Vacuum connection port
  • Anoxic mode
  • Ezee Cuff™ system

Instrument Control – Built-in colour touchscreen

External Dimensions – 790 x 679 x 872 mm (w x d x h)

Internal Dimensions – 540 x 546 x 535 mm (w x d x h)

Workstation Capacity – 152 x 96 well microplates or 90 x T75 flasks

Interlock Dimensions – 149 x 253 x 285 mm (w x d x h)

Interlock Capacity – 26 x 96 well microplates or 6 x T75 flasks

Interlock Time Cycle – 30 seconds

Weight – 59 kgs