Bugbox Ax Anaerobic Workstation

A compact and affordable anaerobic workstation. The perfect transition from jars, for labs with increased workloads or where the best primary isolation rates are required. 

Compact Footprint 

The most compact anaerobic workstation with interlock on the market. 79 x 68 cm (W X D) fits into the smallest lab spaces yet still holds up to 270 x 90 mm plates, and allows you to process/examine your plates under precise anaerobic conditions. 

Optimal Anaerobic Environment 

Ensure optimal growth and the best primary isolation rates, with accurate temperature control up to 45 ˚C and <30 PPM O2 at all times. <5 PPM optional if required 

Large 10.7 L Interlock 

Transfer up to 30 x 90 mm plates into the chamber with a rapid 30 second purge time 

Quick and Easy Access 

The reliable gloveless cuffed Ezee Sleeve™ system provides direct hand access into the chamber in less than 40 seconds 

Designed for an Anaerobic Environment 

Airtight acrylic chamber, palladium catalyst, interlock and Ezee Sleeves™with N2 purge combine to provide a strictly controlled anaerobic environment. Optional anaerobic monitoring and display 

Low Ongoing Cost 

With a low capital investment, economical running costs and minimal maintenance, the Bugbox Ax provides a lower cost per plate compared to using 20 anaerobic jars per week 

User Friendly 

Colour touchscreen control, LED lighting and intuitive glove port and interlock design. Optional cable gland and internal power sockets allow instruments to be used inside. Optional SPES (single plate entry system) for quick ‘posting’ of single plates into the chamber 


External Dimensions (W x D x H)  790 x 679 x 872 mm 
Internal Dimensions (W x D x H)  540 x 546 x 535 mm 
Interlock Dimensions (W x D x H)  149 x 253 x 285 mm 
Maximum Capacity  270 x 90 mm plates 
Working Capacity  270 x 90 mm plates 
Interlock Capacity  30 x 90 mm plates 
Interlock Time Cycle  30 seconds 
Weight  53 kg 
  • Affordable – Low cost per plate
  • Quick and Easy Transfer – Identify microbes up to 24 hours faster
  • Aquasorb – Effective humidity control without contamination
  • Compact – Accurate control in a compact system