Invivo2 – Hypoxia / Physoxia workstation

The Baker Ruskinn InvivO2 hypoxia workstations provide accurate environmental control for the growth and monitoring of mammalian cells under physiologically relevant conditions.

These user-friendly hypoxia workstations allow you to study cellular interactions under physiological oxygen levels, avoiding the hyperoxic stress that occurs with traditional culture methods.

Precision Control
Optimal growth conditions with sophisticated control of humidity, temperature and oxygen levels. Heating and adjustable oxygen in the intelligent interlock

Conditions Monitoring Included
Continuous digital display of chamber condition with integrated data logging. Remote monitoring and control via a smartphone or tablet

Standard HEPA Filtration
Minimise the risk of contamination

Easy Access
Fast transfer of samples and direct hand access without compromising the chamber environment or stressing your cells

Comprehensive 4 Year Warranty
Long term peace of mind. Annual user-installable service kits included

Removable Front
Remove the pop-on / pop-off front panel at the touch of a button for equipment access and cleaning


Standard Specification Includes

  • Ezee Sleeve ports for direct hand access
  • 15cm wide front SPES (single plate entry system)
  • Touchscreen with data logging functionality (up to 6 months) with USB export
  • Remote monitoring and control via smartphone or tablet
  • Internal HEPA filtration
  • Humidity control using Aquasorb
  • Automatic removable front panel (pop-on / pop-off)
  • Intelligent interlock with heating, oxygen control and automatic setting of the oxygen level to match that of the main chamber. Fast 60 second purge time
  • 3 internal power sockets
  • RT +7 up to 45 degrees C temperature control
  • Lighting control (on, off and dimming)
  • One touch oxygen sensor calibration
  • Cycle programming of up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations
  • Optical oxygen sensor with 4 year lifetime
  • One narrow and one wide culture rack
  • CondoCell cell transport device included

Optional Features Include:

  • Ezee Cuff gloveless and sleeveless hand entry
  • Ultrasonic humidity control
  • Cooling
  • Internal USB power socket
  • Digital monitor for Lumascopes
  • Vacuum or gas port connectors
  • Single or multi cable glands
  • Waste port
  • Light protective cover
  • Manual or electronic height-adjustable stands
  • RH or O2 meters
  • Internal shelves

Instrument Control -Built-in colour touchscreen

Workstation Capacity (96 well micro plates) – 399 plates – InvivO2 400 and 500; 798 plates – InvivO2 1000

Interlock Capacity (96 well microplates) – 42 plates – InvivO2 400; 70 plates – InvivO2 500; 98 plates – InvivO2 1000

Workstation Usable Capacity (litres) – 210.3l- InvivO2 400 and 500 models; 472 l – InvivO2 1000