SCI-tive – Hypoxia / Physoxia Workstation

Physiological oxygen workstations for cell therapy and stem cell research

The Baker Ruskinn SCI-tive hypoxia workstations provide accurate environmental control for the growth and analysis of mammalian cells under physiologically relevant conditions. These ‘Lab in a Box’ hypoxia workstations provide maximum flexibility and workspace for cell culture under physiological oxygen levels

Precision Control
Optimal growth conditions with sophisticated control of humidity, temperature and oxygen levels. Heating and adjustable oxygen in the interlock

Instrument Flexibility
Large internal workspace allows researchers to work with a range of imaging sytems and analytical instruments under controlled environmental conditions

Standard HEPA Filtration
Minimise the risk of contamination

Easy Access
Fast transfer of samples and direct hand access without compromising the chamber environment or stressing your cells

Configure the SCI-tive to meet your exact needs, whether you are in research or cell therapy. Image using microscopes with oculars without compromising the chamber environment

Assay Flexibility
Designed to give the ultimate long term stable control for complex cellular studies and manipulations


Instrument Control – Built-in colour touchscreen

External Dimensions (W x D x H)in mm – 1660 x 826 x1077 (single configuration)

Interlock Capacity (T75 flasks) – 15 x T75 flasks

Workstation Usable Capacity (litres) – 420l- SCI-tive single

Customisable – Fits into your experimental workflow
Standard HEPA filtration – Reduce the risk of contamination
Touchcreen interface – At a glance monitoring
1.1 m internal width – Space for microscopes and cellular analysis instruments
Flexible – Single, dual or quad configurations available

Standard Specification Includes

  • Ezeeyin glove ports for direct hand access
  • 420 litre usable capacity
  • 11.3 litre interlock with temperature and oxygen control
  • Internal HEPA filtration
  • Touchscreen control interface
  • Humidity control using Aquasorb
  • 3 internal power sockets
  • RT +5 up to 45 degrees C temperature control
  • One touch oxygen sensor calibration
  • Pre-programmed cycling
  • Optical oxygen sensor with 4 year lifetime
  • Lighting with on, off and dimming
  • Removeable front panel for instrument installation and cleaning
  • One narrow and one wide culture rack
  • Vacuum and gas ports
  • Multi-cable gland
  • CondoCell cell transport device