zenCELL Owl

The owl from zenCELL is a compact 24 channel brightfield microscope for incubator or workstation use, allowing the automated remote monitoring of cell cultures


Automated Monitoring

zenCELL owl allows you to setup your experiment and walk away. Monitor your cell cultures from anywhere without needing to open the incubator or even go into the lab

Save Valuable Incubator Space

Easily move or remove the 18 x 10.5 x 18 cm and 1.05 kg system. Takes minimal space inside your workstation or incubator, allowing maximum space for cell growth

Leave cells where they belong

Your cell cultures and the zenCELL owl remain in the incubator during the whole experiment. Carry out long term imaging without the need for manual interventions. Obtain more relevant data by avoiding changes in environmental conditions, and lower the risk of contamination

24 Independent Cameras

Monitor each well of a 24 well plate in parallel, allowing you to compare individual wells at the same time, increasing the validity and reproducibility of your data

Long Term Capture

Cell confluence and photos are recorded 24/7 over the long term, with a minimum interval of 10 minutes. Never miss a data point due to real-time continuous monitoring. High quality brightfield imaging with the ability to create time-lapse videos

Remove the Subjectivity

Algorithms evaluate confluence and estimate relative cell numbers objectively. Create reproducible and reliable results without the need for user interpretation. Compare mean and standard deviations of individually selected wells

Easy to maintain

Easy to clean and disinfect, with no mechanical parts or rust-prone screws

· Analyse up to 24 cell cultures simultaneously to raise validity and reproducibility of your experiments

· Never miss a data point due to real-time continuous monitoring even over several days

· Evaluate the current condition of your cell cultures online from outside the lab. React and intervene if necessary

· Keep cell cultures in the incubator (or workstation) preventing fluctuations of conditions and lowering the risk of contamination. Work under defined conditions e.g hypoxia

· Automatic calculation of confluence provides objective rather than subjective information

· Analyse dynamic changes and developments of your cell culture retrospectively and in detail

Cell Culture Monitoring Application Note zencell-owl_Application-Note-Cell-Growth.pdf (zencellowl.com)

The wound healing, migration or scratch assay is a popular method to analyse cell migration in vitro. The dynamics of cell migration into a cell-free area, which has been created by direct manipulation or physical exclusion, are monitored and quantified.

· Capture and analyse dynamic changes at 5 minute intervals over several days

· Observe and control every timepoint and step of the wound-healing process retrospectively and in detail

· Calculate the speed of wound healing by analysing the increase of confluence in the gap area

· Simultaneously analyse 24 wells under identical conditions, improving the comparability and reproducibility of your data Scratch Assay Application Note zencell-owl_Application-Note-Scratch-Assay.pdf (zencellowl.com)

Cytotoxicity assays are widely used in vitro to predict tissue-specific toxicity or to identify leads for anti-cancer therapies. It is a fundamental tool in the drug discovery process. The zenCELL owl allows long-term monitoring of dynamic changes in cell morphology as the result of drug treatment

· Evaluate the cytotoxic effect of different agents / treatments on up to 24 cell cultures simultaneously and over the long-term

· Automated and around the clock data capture, enables every timepoint of your cytotoxicity assay to be analysed retrospectively and in detail

· Observe changes to morphology and confluence from outside the lab

· Create defined and stable environmental conditions for your cell culture in the incubator

· Analyse dynamic changes on a single cell level and document changes with time lapse videos

· Compare different drugs or drug concentrations under identical environmental conditions in an automated and non-invasive way Cytotoxicity Application Note zencell-owl_Analysis-of-Cytostatic-Drug-Effects.pdf (zencellowl.com)

Spheroids have become an established tissue model for health and disease. These mimic in vivo like conditions and better simulate cell-cell, cell-matrix and cell-drug interactions than single cell or monolayer models. The zenCELL owl is a valuable tool in the monitoring of spheroid development and proliferation Spheroid Imaging Application Note zencell-owl_Application-Note-Time-lapse-imaging-of-spheroids.pdf (zencellowl.com)

Dimensions   10.5 x 18 x 18 cm 
Weight  1050 g 
Light Source  LED 
Cameras  5 MP CMOS 
Contrasting Methods  Digital Phase Contrast 
Field of View per microscope  1.2 x 0.9 mm 
Display Resolution per microscope  2592 x 1944 
Image Resolution  5 MP 
Magnification Camera  10 x (+ digital zoom) 
Image Capture  30s for 24 wells 
Adjustable recording interval  10 minutes – 1 day 
Export Formats  Images: PNG, JPG and BMP 

Video: AVI 

Data: CSV 

Interface   USB 3.0 
Power Supply  5V 
Operating Environment  20-45 ˚C 

20-95% Humidity 

Protection  IP62 
Disinfection  Isopropanol or ethanol