NanoDrop Lite Plus

Compact standalone microvolume spectrophotometer for nucleic acid and purified protein quantification.

The Thermo Scientific NanoDrop Lite Plus provides the familiar NanoDrop benefits at an affordable price point. Quickly and easily assess sample concentration and purity ratios.

Patented Sample Retention Technology
Trusted by scientists globally since 2001. Uses surface tension to hold the sample in place, removing the need for cuvettes or expensive consumables.

Data You Can Trust
Reduced feature set without compromising data quality. The data quality you expect from NanoDrop at a lower pricepoint.

Intuitive Operation
Familiar NanoDrop ‘pipette, measure and wipe’ workflow with an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Flexible Data Handling
Save up to 1,000 measurements locally and export to a USB device, no PC needed for operation. Print sample data onto freezer-compatible tube labels with the optional integrated printer module.

Quality Assessment Made Easy
Obtain sample concentration (up to 30 Abs), 260:280 and 260:230 purity ratios without the need for dilution.


Instrument Control – On-board LCD touchscreen

Minimum Sample Volume – 1 ul

Wavelength Range – 230, 260 and 280 nm

Limit of Detection – 4 ng/ul dsDNA 0.12 mg/ml BSA

Maximum Concentration – 1,500 ng/ul dsDNA 45 mg/ml BSA

Pathlengths – 0.2mm and 1mm (auto adjust)

Measurement Time – <5 seconds

Absorbance Range – 0 – 30 OD

Light Source – Xenon Flashlamp

Detector – 2048-element CMOS linear image sensor

Dimensions (W x D x H) – 27 x 22 x 22 cm

Weight – 2.7 kg (without printer)

  • Compact standalone design with intuitive LCD touchscreen interface
  • Stain resistant stainless steel and quartz pedestal build
  • Xenon flashlamp with no warm-up time or waiting
  • Optional integrated printer module for printing sample concentration onto freezer-resistant tube labels
  • Rolling memory of the last 1000 samples
  • Sample naming using the touchscreen
  • USB port for data export to USB drive in CSV format
  • Validate the spectrophotometer’s performance with integrated performance verification feature

  • Use this affordable UV-Vis Spectrophotometer to quantify as little as 1 ul of sample
  • Broad dynamic range: 4 – 1,500 ng/ul dsDNA
  • No need for dilutions for the majority of samples
  • Concentration, 260:230 and 260:280 purity ratio calculated automatically for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA
  • Compact spectrophotometer that quantifies as little as 2 ul of sample
  • Broad dynamic range: 0.06 – 45 mg/ml BSA
  • No need for dilutions for the majority of samples