Nikon Ci Series Upright Microscope

Clinical and laboratory microscopes featuring LED illumination, providing stress-free operation for routine use.

To meet the demands of clinical laboratory specialists and researchers, Nikon has reviewed all aspects of microscope usability to develop the ECLIPSE Ci series of microscopes, which combines superior functionality with operational ease. The Ci is designed to ensure natural posture while viewing images, sample changing and capturing images. Bright, eco-friendly LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp replacement

Bright, uniform Eco-Illumination – low power consumption illumination with 60,000 hour lifetime and no warm-up time.

Operational ease – Ergonomic eyepiece tube with adjustable angle and option eyepiece risers, nosepiece spacers, adjustable stage and stage handle all combine to improve user posture and reduce strain, particularly for frequent specimen changes.

Light intensity management – automatically stores brightness adjustments when switching magnification, reducing eye strain.

Image capture button – save images with a single click on the microscope base

Status display – check magnification and brightness at a glance

Versatile observation options – Phase contrast, polarising, darkfield and fluorescence


Observation methods – Brightfield, Epi-fluorescence, Darkfield, Phase contrast, Simple polarizing, Sensitive color polarizing

Illumination – High luminescent White LED Illuminator, Optional 30W Halogen

Fluorescence – Epi-fluorescence Attachment (4 filter cubes mountable)

Eyepieces (FOV) – 10X (22), 12.5X (16), CFI 15X (14.5), CFI UW 10X (25)

Z-Focus – Coaxial Coarse/Fine Focus

Nosepiece – Sextuple

Condenser – Abbe, Achromat, Darkfield (oil or dry), Phase Contrast or Swing out

Stage – 78 (X) × 54 (Y) mm, with vernier stage handle height and torque adjustable

Weight – 13.4kg

Power Consumption – 5W