pE-800 LED Illumination System for Fluoresence Microscopy

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365nm to 770nm LED excitation with individual channel control, TTL triggering and software integration

The arrival of the pE-800 sees LEDs take centre stage as the widefield illumination method of choice. Featuring eight individually controllable LEDs and lightning fast TTL switching, the pE-800 delivers the highest quality data with minimum total cost of ownership. Versatile, intuitive and backed by CoolLED’s world-renowned support and a 36-month warranty, the pE-800 with liquid light guide delivery makes next generation LED illumination accessible to all.


  • 8 selectable channels offers versatility with any channels selectable simultaneously at 100%
  • Individual control of selected LED wavelengths reduces background noise
  • Broad spectrum from 365-740nm, covering DAPI to Cy7
  • Industry-leading <7 μs TTL triggering for high-speed imaging
  • Software, TTL and analogue control options for optimised illumination
  • Optimised irradiance in 1% steps from 2-100% and fine control from 0-2%
  • Light delivery through liquid light guide for maximum compatibility
  • Eight powerful and efficient LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-740nm
  • All eight channels can be individually controlled
  • Industry-leading <7 μs TTL triggering enables capture of dynamic events with high temporal resolution
  • Inline filter holder for optional multi-ban filters
  • Affordable automation with Sequence Runner