Byonoy Luminescence Microplate Reader

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Byonoy Luminescence 96

The world’s most compact microplate reader, providing high quality data at an affordable price

Portable design
14 x 9.8 cm footprint (the same as an A6 postcard) and only 900g weight, allows the Luminescence 96 to be easily moved around the lab, stored or even used inside a workstation where space is at a premium

Fast measurements
96 individual detectors allow a whole 96 well plate to be read in as little as 3 seconds

Luminescence 96 is the first plate reader to implement highly sensitive silicon photomultipliers, alongside background noise reducing shutter and phosphorescence cancelling filter. Each sensor adapts to the signal intensity of the individual well, reaching sensitivity of 100fmol ATP/well

Simply invert the reader to switch from top to bottom readout

Solid state design
Innovative solid-state design with no moving parts, removes the need for routine maintenance and ensures consistent data quality

USB powered
The Luminescence 96 has no motors and is powered by the same USB cable that connects it to your computer

Intuitive software
Running on either PC or Mac, the included software provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis capabilities. Choose between endpoint or kinetic measurements. Easily export data in PDF or .CSV formats

Built to last
Durable aluminium case, high quality components, engineered and produced in Germany

Detection Method Luminescence
Detection Mode End Point, Kinetic
Microplate Types 96-well microplates, white or black
Readout Glow, Flash (Development times >5 seconds, manual addition of reagents)
Readout Orientation Tope and Bottom Readout
Detector 96 Silicon Photomultiplier
Sensitivity 100 fmol ATP/well (preliminary result)
Linear Dynamic Range 8 decades
Cross talk 0.7 x 10⁻⁶  RLU
Well-to-well variability < 5 %
Data output USB 2.0 interface with PC or WLAN
Temperature for measurement 15–40 °C 
Power supply USB connection 5 V
Power consumption 2.5 Watts
Dimensions 9.8 x 14.0 x 4.2 cm (W x L x H)
Weight < 1kg

The Luminescence 96 App is as flexible as the reader itself. It can be used on multiple devices and supports Microsoft Windows and macOS. With plug-and-play technology, simply connect the reader and start your assay. The Luminescence 96 App can be used on a desktop PC in your lab, notebook, or even on Windows tablets. Regular updates bring new features and enhancements, so the user is always up to speed. There are no license limitations and updates are free of charge.

The App enables to intuitively conduct advanced endpoint and kinetic assays. Moving forward from parameter and plate definition to the readout process follows a logical workflow. Different kinds of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods are available as well as advanced data analysis. You can easily save and load protocol files and export the results in PDF or CSV.



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