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Aluminium coated Si and glass substrates

Aluminium coated substrates are available as a Ø 4”/100mm silicon wafer, 10 x 10mm Si chips, microscope slide and 22 x 22 x 0.2 mm coverslips coated with 100nm pure aluminium (99.999%). They are useful many applications, including for thin film research, microelectronics, optics, telecommunications, biotechnology and nanotechnology and biotechnology. Aluminium coatings have high conductance, high reflectance and strong adhesion. The aluminium coating is deposited in a dedicated high vacuum deposition system using an electron beam (EB) source. The aluminium coating is not atomically flat and there are height differences in the nanometre range. For protection, the wafers are packed in wafer carrying trays and slides are in slide mailers. The silicon chips and coverslips are packed in Gel-Pak boxes.



Specifications of aluminium coated substrates

Aluminium Coating

100 nm

Adhesion film


Surface roughness

Several nm


Silicon wafer

Si chips

Microscope slide



Ø 4” / 100 mm

10 x 10 mm

75×25 mm

22×22 mm


525 µm (+/- 20 µm



Material type

P (boron) –  <100> – 1-30 Ohm/cm

Borofloat 33 – borosilicate glass

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