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DiATOME ultra ats diamond knife for array tomography

DiATOME   ultra ats diamond knife is designed for Array Tomography applications. It enables ribbons of serial ultra-thin sections to be transferred directly on conductive substrates such as silicon wafers or ITO coated slides. The extra large knife boat is equipped with a convenient platform to hold the chosen substrate, plus a water outlet at the bottom to drain the water in a controlled manner. Subsequent SEM imaging can be used to build 3D data sets from the section series.

To download and read the paper:
A targeted 3D EM and correlative microscopy method using SEM array tomography
Agnes Burel, Marie-Thérèse Lavault, Clément Chevalier, Helmut Gnaegi, Sylvain Prigent, Antonio Mucciolo, Stéphanie Dutertre, Bruno M. Humbel, Thierry Guillaudeux, Irina Kolotuev

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