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Disposable scalpels with plastic handles

Premier quality Micro-Tec disposable scalpels consists of a high-quality carbon steel scalpel attached to a robust non-slip grey ABS plastic handle. Featuring precision ground C1095 carbon steel hardened blades for excellent sharpness and cutting quality. Available with the popular smaller blades #10, #11 and 15 and larger blades #20 and #22. Includes a protective sleeve to cover the blade.

They are individually packed and supplied in boxes of 10. Ideal for microscopy preparation, education and cutting applications. With ready-to-use disposable scalpels, there are no contamination issues and no hazardous loading of scalpel blades on handles. For those who are not sure which scalpel is the best for the task at hand we offer a scalpel selection pack with 10 disposable scalpels (two of each model).

Specifications of Micro-Tec disposable scalpels with plastic handles

Product # Blade type Blade edge Blade material Total length Handle length Sterilised Packaging
52-004110 #10 Standard curved Carbon tool steel 145mm 127mm yes Box/10
52-004111 #11 Straight Carbon tool steel 145mm 127mm yes Box/10
52-004115 #15 Small curved Carbon tool steel 142mm 127mm yes Box/10
52-004120 #20 Curved Carbon tool steel 147mm 127mm yes Box/10
52-004122 #22 Large curved Carbon tool steel 147mm 127mm yes Box/10
52-004129 5 x 2 each 2x Set of 5 Carbon tool steel 142-147mm 127mm yes Box/10

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 52-004110 Material for Micro-Tec disposable scalpel blades

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