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EM-Tec high precision locking tweezers

EM-Tec high precision anti-magnetic locking tweezers are Swiss-made, precision engineered tweezers with smooth edges and a superior matt finish to reduce glare. These high-quality locking tweezers include a sliding locking mechanism with anti-slip pattern to keep the tweezers tips closed. When the integrated locking slider is moved forwards, items are held by the tweezers tips without the need to apply pressure on the handles. When specimens need to be handled, examined or moved around, locking tweezers are safer and more ergonomic – some users find locking tweezers easier to use than reverse action tweezers. The locking mechanism allows for adjustable pressure. The tweezers and locking mechanism are made from a special, low-carbon, high-strength stainless steel.  This tough material exhibits good corrosion resistance to salts, low concentrate acids, solvents, oils and greases and has good wear resistance against most materials.

Although the alloy used is anti-magnetic, it is not recommended to use these tweezers in strong magnetic fields or for handling magnets.

There are seven different styles of anti-magnetic locking tweezers.

Product # Style Description Length Points size: W x H
50-001310 1L.AM Strong, fine tips 120mm 0.20 x 0.10mm
50-001330 3L.AM Very sharp fine tips 120mm 0.15 x 0.10mm

The material used for manufacturing the EM-Tec high precision anti-magnetic tweezers is a selected grade of low carbon AISI 316L stainless steel.

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-001010 Material for EM-Tec high precision anti-magnetic tweezers