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EM-Tec S-Clip SEM specimen holders

EM-Tec S-Clip specimen holders comprise one or more spring-loaded sample clips (S-Clips) either on an SEM specimen stub or a SEM sample holder. The spring-loaded S-clips are specifically designed to hold thin specimens up to 2mm on a holder. Optional stand-off pillars are available to accommodate thicker samples. Small washers can also be used to increase the clamping height.

The S-clip is mounted with a small M2 screw which allows the S-clip to rotate. S-Clips are made from conductive spring grade copper alloy; samples are clamped securely without the need for conductive adhesives or conductive pastes. Sample changing is quick, easy and clean – contamination issues due to adhesives or glues are eliminated. They are ideal to hold Si chips and other thin samples.

EM-Tec S-Clip SEM specimen holders are available for the following SEM platforms:

  • Standard pin stubs for TFS, FEI, Philips, Tescan, Phenom, Pemtron, Coxem, Cambridge, CamScan, Leica etc
  • Zeiss pin stubs (shorter pin) for Zeiss & LEO SEMs
  • JEOL plain cylinder sample stubs
  • Hitachi M4 cylinder sample stubs

EM-Tec S-Clip specimen holders are available to hold samples horizontal (flat), at 45° or at 90°. The 45° and 90° are useful for holding cross sections of thin samples and wafer pieces. EM-Tec S-Clip specimen holders are a cost effective alternative for the 1”-3” wafer holders. They can hold the smaller 1”(25.4mm), 2” (51mm) and 3”(76mm) wafers if it is allowed to hold the wafer down with the S-Clips:

  • EM-Tec S-Clip holders with 38m stub diameter is suitable for: 1” (25.4mm) wafers
  • EM-Tec S-Clip holders with 63m stub diameter is suitable for:  2” (51mm) wafers
  • EM-Tec S-Clip holders with 100mm stub diameter is suitable for: 3” (76mm) wafers

EM-Tec S-Clips are also separately available to enable users to make their own custom made sample clip holders.  Dimensions are 12.8mm long, tip is 1.6mm wide, height is 1.5mm with a Ø2.2mm hole for mounting with an M2 screw. Made from 0.25mm thin spring grade copper alloy. Included with EM-Tec S-clips are the M2x3 mounting screws.

Sample thickness is 0-2mm for the standard EM-Tec S-Clip. With stand-off pillars thicker samples can be accommodated. Stand-off pillars are 4mm high; they can be mounted between the S-Clap and the holder; they are stackable.

Ordering information:

S-clips on 100mm stubs

S-clips on 50mm and 63mm stubs

S-clips on 32mm and 38mm stubs