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EM-Tec self-closing high precision reverse action tweezers

EM-Tec high precision anti-magnetic reverse action tweezers are Swiss-made, precision engineered high quality tweezers. They are also know as self-closing, crossover or X-type tweezers. These excellent self-closing tweezers have smooth edges and a superior matt finish to reduce glare. They are made from a special low carbon, high strength stainless steel to provide:

  • The right tension required for the self-closing tweezers
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Good corrosion resistance to salts, low concentrate acids, solvents, oils and greases
  • Good wear resistance against most materials.

Reverse action tweezers are especially useful when parts or specimens need to held for a longer period or for repetitive tasks. Self-closing tweezers will hold specimens without applying outside force, pressing the reverse action tweezers is only needed for opening the tips.
Although the alloy used is an anti-magnetic, they are not recommended for use in strong magnetic fields or for handling magnets. Use Titanium or plastic for strong magnetic fields.
Applications of EM-Tec high precision reverse action tweezers  include: sample handling, microscopy preparation, sorting, precision manufacturing, electronic assembly, watchmaking, general laboratory, biological and medical applications. Their are six styles to choose from.

Specifications of Value-TecEM-Tec high precision reverse action tweezers

Product # Style Material Description Length Points size – W x H
50-001720 2AX.AM Ant-magn st. st. Flat, accurate round tips 120mm 1.90 x 0.18mm
50-001730 3X.AM Ant-magn st. st. Very sharp fine tips 120mm 0.15 x 0.12mm
50-001740 4X.AM Ant-magn st. st. Very fine sharp tips 110mm 0.12 x 0.12mm
50-001750 5X.AM Ant-magn st. st. Fine straight tips 110mm 0.12 x 0.12mm
50-001752 5UFX.AM Ant-magn st. st. Ultra fine straight tips 110mm 0.09 x 0.10mm
50-001757 5ACX.AM Ant-magn st. st. Extra fine, anti-capillary tips 120mm 0.12 x 0.15mm
50-001770 7X.AM Ant-magn st. st. Very fine curved tips 115mm 0.10 x 0.15mm

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-001010 Material for EM-Tec high precision anti-magnetic tweezers

Example: EM-Tec 3X.AM high precision reverse action tweezers, style 3, very sharp fine tips, anti-magnetic stainless steel