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EM-Tec specimen stubs and specimen holders for Phenom desk top SEMs

EM-Tec SEM specimen holders and specimen stubs offered on these pages are fully compatible with the Phenom range of desk top SEMs.  These specially designed EM-Tec specimen holders extend the versatility of the Phenom microscopes, increasing productivity and unlocking additional applications. They are divided into groups depending on the compatibility of the EM-Tec holders.

The Phenom XL with its larger specimen stage is compatible with SEM pin stubs up to 100mm diameter and pin stub based SEM specimen holders of up to 100 x 100  x65mm. For the Phenom XL we recommend viewing the vast EM-Tec range of SEM specimen holders, which increase ease of use and productivity of the Phenom XL.

1 – EM-Tec SEM specimen holders for the Phenom Pure, Pro and ProX desk top microscopes: (images at ordering information)
EM-Tec SEM specimen holders presented on this page are compatible with the standard Phenom specimen holder used in the Phenom Pro X, Pro and Pure. With dedicated EM-Tec specimen holders, tilt can be added to specimen movements. Furthermore, specimens can be held without the use of adhesives.

Capacity, size and compatibility of EM-Tec SEM specimen holders for  Phenom desk top SEMs:

Product # Description Capacity Dimensions Specimen holding
12-000211 EM-Tec PS15 swivel pin mount Ø15mm/90°-0°-90° Ø15x15mm Adhesive
12-003240 EM-Tec PS17 mini swivel vise holder 0-4mm/90°-0°-90° Ø12x18mm Set screw
12-000241 EM-Tec TV12 mini variable tilt mount 0-90° / 11x12mm 14x14x14/20mm specimen mounting
10-002245 EM-Tec P45 fixed 45° tilt holder Ø12.7mm pin stub Ø12.7x17mm SEM pin stub
10-002212 EM-Tec PS3 mini stub SpecimenClamp 0-2mm thickness Ø12.7×3.2mm Screw/washer
10-002240 EM-Tec PS4 mini pin stub vise clamp 0-4mm thickness Ø12.7×7.2mm Set screw
10-002244 EM-Tec PS44 quad vise stub holder 0-4mm thickness Ø25.4×7.2mm 4 x set screw
12-002209 EM-Tec PV5 mini vise clamp 0-5mm thickness Ø25×7.2mm Mini vice / thumbscrew
12-002209 EM-Tec PV5 mini vise clamp 0-5mm thickness Ø25×7.2mm Mini-vice / thumbscrew
10-002218 EM-Tec PS6 mini pin stub split vise clamp 0-6mm thickness Ø12.7×7.2mm Mini-vice jaws
12-000230 EM-Tec PS9 mini split mount vise clamp 0-8mm thickness Ø15x10mm Mini-vice jaws
10-002242 EM-Tec PS7 mini pin stub dual slot vise 2x1mm thickness Ø15x6mm Set screws
12-000112 EM-Tec PS12 pin stub vise clamp 0-12mm thickness Ø25×7.2mm Set screw
10-002223 EM-Tec PS23 pin stub dual slot vise 2×2.5mm thicknesss Ø25×7.2mm Set screw
10-002227 EM-Tec PS27 pin stub dual slot vise 2x7mm thickness Ø25×7.2mm Set screw
12-000117 EM-Tec GS2 mini pin stub needle clamp 0-Ø2.0mm Ø6x4mm Set screw
10-002213 EM-Tec PS5 clamp up to Ø3.5mm 0-Ø3.5mm Ø12.7×7.2mm Set screw
10-002216 EM-Tec PS8 clamp up to Ø6.0mm 0-Ø6.0mm Ø12.7×7.2mm Set screw
12-000116 EM-Tec PS16 clamp up to Ø16mm 0-Ø16mm Ø25.5x10mm Set screw


2 – Specimen holders for the Phenom metallurgical holders used in the Phenom Pure, Pro and Pro X (images at ordering information)
The Phenom metallurgical specimen holder and charge reduction metallurgical specimen holders are compatible with 32mm metallographic mounts; this cover the 30mm and the 1-1/4” (32mm)  metallographic mounts. A range of specimen holders have been specifically designed to make more use of the Phenom metallurgical holders and to extend the range of SEM specimens which can be examined.

Capacity, size and compatibility of  SEM specimen holders for the Phenom metallurgical holder:

Product # Description Capacity Dimensions Specimen holding
12-003222 PHF32 filter holder kit Ø32mm filters Ø32×20.5mm Clamp in holder
11-000632 PHA32 adapter ring for 25mm/1” mounts Ø25mm /1” Ø32/26x10mm Clamp in holder
12-003233 PH22 bulk specimen holder Ø22x12mm Ø32x20mm Set screw
12-003236 PH32 vise type holder 0-22mm Ø32x20mm Set screw

3 – EM-Tec PH6 XL mounting pillar and additional specimen holders for the Phenom XL (images at ordering information)

The Phenom XL desk top SEM with the large stage has a capacity of 100x100x65mm (L x W x H). The unique pin plate allows for either large specimen, multiple specimens and large specimen holders with pin.  Alternatively, the unique XL mounting pillars can be used to clamp specimens between the mounting pillar. The XL mounting pillars can be freely positioned in the XL pin plate to accommodate large, awkward and even multiple specimens. The XL mounting pillar are sold in sets of three and consists of the pin plate compatible pillars with standard 3.2mm pin and M3 threaded holes and 16mm long M3 threaded thumb screws. Alternatively, other M3 threaded screws  can be used to hold a specimen. Each XL pillar has two threaded holes for added versatility.

Specifications and dimensions oPhenom XL mounting pillars:

Product # Description Dimensions Specimen holding
12-003206 XL mounting pillar Pillar Ø6 x 15mm, 2 x M3 threaded holes with pin
Thumbscrew, M3 x 16mm thread
Thumb screws

Due to its large SEM stage capacity, Phenom XL is compatible with most pin type SEM holders and all standard SEM pin stubs up to 100mm diameter. These can be found on:
All SEM pin stubs with standard pin and diameter up to 100mm.
All EM-Tec S-Clip with standard pin and diameter up to 100mm.
All EM-Tec SEM specimen holders with standard pin and maximum size of 100 x 100 x 65mm.


4 – EM-Tec S-Clip holders for Phenom desk top SEMs (images at ordering information)

 EM-Tec S-Clips holders with the spring-loaded specimen clips are compatible with Phenom Pure, Pro, ProX and XL desk top SEMs are available on:

  •  Standard, horizontal SEM pin stub
  •  45° and 45° /90° SEM pin stubs
  • 90° SEM pin stubs.

They are useful for holding thin specimens such as silicon wafer chips, metal strips, plastic foils, etc.

Specifications of the S-Clip holders:

Product # Style Stub size  S-Clips #
12-002910 Horizontal, single S-Clip on Ø19mm pin stub Ø19×3.2mm 1
12-002920-1/2/3 Horizontal Ø25×3.2mm 1 or 2 or 3
12-002901 0-180° EM-Tec swivel mount with S-Clip Ø15x3mm 1
12-002941 0-180° EM-Tec variable tilt with S-Clip 11x12mm 1
12-002925 45° mount with single S-Clip Ø25x16mm 1
12-002927 45°/90° mount with two S-Clips Ø25x16mm 2
12-002929  2 x 90°dual 90° mount with two S-Clips Ø25x16mm 2
12-002911 1 x 90° single 90° mount with single S-Clip Ø12.7x17mm 1
12-002914 4 x 90°quadruple 90° mount with four S-Clips 12.7×12.7x15mm 4


5 – EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors for Phenom desk top SEMs:    (images at ordering information)

With EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors, Hitachi and JEOL SEM stubs can be used with Phenom desk top SEMs. Quick to use as there is no need to re-mount the specimen, so specimen integrity is fully retained. Recommended SEM stub adaptors are:

Specifications of EM-Tec SEM specimen stub adaptors:

Product # Type Base Adapts to: Overall size
11-000119 PT4 Pin stub Hitachi SEM stub with M4 thread Ø15x15mm
11-000216 PJ12 Pin stub JEOL SEM stubs with 9.5 and 12.2mm diameter Ø30x10mm

6 – EM-Tec SEM specimen stubs for Phenom Pure, Pro and Pro X desk top SEM (see our pin stub range)
The Phenom Pure, Pro and ProX desk top SEMs in the standard configuration, are using the unique Phenom specimen holders for specimens up to 25mm diameter. All SEM pin stubs, SEM pin stub adaptors and small SEM pin stub-based specimen holders up to a diameter of 25mm on this page can be used in the Phenom Pure, Pro and ProX desk top SEMs.  Available specimen stubs for the Phenom Pure, Pro and ProX are:

  • Standard flat SEM pins stubs with the popular 12.7 and 25.4mm diameters. Additional sizes are 6, 10, 19mm and 12.7mm with a flat.
  • Angled SEM pin stubs with 45°, 45/90° and 90° pre-tilt surfaces.
  • Engraved SEM pin stubs with 12.7, 19 and 25.4mm diameters for multiple small SEM specimens and for correlative microscopy.
  • Dish type SEM pin stub with 12.7mm diameter top for fluid specimens and solutions.

EM-Tec SEM SEM specimen holders for Phenom Pure, Pro and ProX desk top SEMs

EM-Tec S-Clip holders for the Phenom desk top SEMs