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Kleindiek LT14030 substage with 30mm travel and 50nm repeatability

Kleindiek LT14030 stages are suited for orthogonal positioning solutions in atmosphere and with SEM/FIB tools. The LT14030 is primarily used in SEM/FIB to enhancethe accuracy and functionality of the standard microscope stage. It is an economical alternative to laser interferometer stages.
It is built specifically for lithography, cell counting and failure analysis applications and contains two positional encoders per axis for automatic yaw errorcompensation.

Applications examples

  • High precision stage for SEM & FIB
  • eBeam lithography
  • CAD navigation
  • Memory cell counting
  • Tensile measurement
  • Particle counting
  • Metrology
  • Forensic analysis (e.g. GSR)

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Compact and flexible

  • Small and practical
  • Plug-and-play system with modular components
  • Interfacing solutions for most microscopes
  • Fast setup and removal

Clear and simple

  • Result-oriented operation which leads to increased
  • Intuitive control interfaces, user-friendly software
    and API support
  • User-friendly and easy to learn
  • Compact, stand-alone electronics
  • Pioneering cabling technology with compact
    vacuum feedthrough

Robust and stable

  • Compact construction delivers higher resonance
  • Excellent stability
  • Virtually insusceptible to vibrations
  • Reliable operation (one year endurance test)
  • Fast pre-positioning by hand
  • Functions in extreme working environments

Fast and more precise

  • No backlash or reversal play
  • Sub-nanometer step size (< 0.02nm)
  • Coarse and fine displacement in one drive
  • High operating velocity (up to 1mm/sec)
    Low drift (1nm/min)
  • Length 141 mm
  • Width 133 mm
  • Height 21 mm
  • Weight 420 g
  • Travel XY 30 mm
  • Speed up to 1 mm/s
  • Smallest step size < 0.02 nmReproducibility 100 nm
  • Measurement resolution 50 nm
  • Angular deviation < 10 μrad
  • Load 500 g
  • Temperature range 273 K to 353 K
  • Lowest pressure 10-7 mbar
  • Substage mounting 3 × 3.2 mm holes
  • During operation, the stage will heat up to
    approx. 55°C

Optional features

  • Z drive with 5 mm travel, 0.02 nm step size
  • Laser inter ferometric measurement system
    for X and Y
  • Laser inter ferometric measurement system
    avoids stage heat up during operation
  • Basic version without encoders also available

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