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Kleindiek MTW micro tweezer plug-in tool

The MTW-EM is a micro tweezer plug-in for the MM3A-EM micromanipulator. It enhances your system by providing a high-resolution gripping solution for transport and assembly of macro-sized objects. The gripper arms piezo-driven, allowing a step size of 0.25 nm and a total travel of 3 mm. The plug-in tool can be quickly and easily retrofitted to your existing MM3A-EM micromanipulator.

  • Resolution: 0.25 nm
  • Maximum span range: 3 mm
  • Temperature range: 273 K to 353 K
  • Lowest pressure: 10-7 mbar

All technical specifications are approximate. Due to continuous development, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

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Kleindiek MTW micro tweezers

The MGS2 is available in various versions for EM, UHV applications