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Micro-Tec AFM / SPM cantilever tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers are useful tools for securely and easily picking up AFM and SPM cantilevers. The AFM/SPM tips are mostly supplied in Gel-Pak boxes and need to be gently lifted from the adhesive layer. A specially formed tip enables gripping at the side of the cantilever and pulling the silicon cantilever away from its packaging. They are available in anti-magnetic stainless steel and titanium in the same design with a length of 118mm. Both materials are clean-room compatible.

  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel AFM/SPM tweezers are intended for standard AFM/SPM cantilevers/tips and standard applications. Satin polished surface. Not recommend for use in or near magnetic fields.
  • Premium titanium light-weight, fully non-magnetic AFM/ SPM tweezers are especially made for magnetic tips and for those users who prefer lighter cantilever tweezers. Matt blue anodized surface.

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040001 Material for Micro-Tec AFM-SPM cantilever tweezers
Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040004 Material for Micro-Tec titanium AFM-SPM cantilever tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM disc gripper tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM disc gripper tweezers are designed to pick up stainless steel AFM/SPM discs. The shape of the tips fits around the edge of the discs and are ideal for picking up AFM/SPM discs from a flat surface after mounting a sample.
The tips are not coated and have straight, fine edges for better grip. Available for the popular Ø12mm and Ø15mm AFM/SPM discs. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel with a satin surface, 115mm long.

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040012 Material for Micro-Tec AFM-SPM disc gripper tweezers