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Micro-Tec AFM/SPM disc gripper tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM / SPM disc gripper tweezers are designed to pick up stainless steel AFM/SPM discs. The shape of the tips are designed to fit around the edge of the discs and are ideal for picking up AFM?SPM discs from a flat surface after mounting a sample.
The tips are not coated and have straight, fine edges for better grip. Available for the popular Ø12mm and Ø15mm AFM/SPM discs. Made from anti-magnetic stainless steel with a satin surface; 115mm long.

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040012 Material for Micro-Tec AFM-SPM disc gripper tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM/SPM cantilever tweezers

Micro-Tec AFM / SPM cantilever tweezers are useful tools for securely and easily picking up AFM/SPM cantilevers.  AFM/ SPM tips are typically supplied in Gel-Pak boxes and need to be gently lifted from the adhesive layer. The specially formed tip enables gripping at the side of the cantilever and pulling the silicon cantilever from its packaging.  They are available in anti-magnetic stainless steel and titanium in the same design with a length of 118mm. Both materials are clean-room compatible.

  • Anti-magnetic stainless steel AFM/SPM tweezers are intended for standard AFM?SPM cantilevers/tips and standard applications. Satin polished surface. Not recommend for use in or near magnetic fields.
  • Premium titanium light-weight, fully non-magnetic AFM/ SPM tweezers are especially made for magnetic tips and for those users who prefer lighter cantilever tweezers. Matt blue anodized surface.

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040001 Material for Micro-Tec AFM-SPM cantilever tweezers
Technical Support Bulletin: TSB 50-040004 Material for Micro-Tec titanium AFM-SPM cantilever tweezers