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Value-Tec brass tweezers

Value-Tec brass tweezers are made from fully non-magnetic brass. Brass exhibits corrosion resistance to salts, low concentrate acids, solvents, oils and greases. Brass has a combination of useful and unique properties:

  • Fully non-magnetic – ideal for handling magnets or when a strong magnetic field is present
  • High electrical and thermal conductivity – useful for electrical or thermal probing
  • Non-scratching soft metal– ideal for handling polished materials
  • Anti-microbial material – capable of killing bacteria and microorganisms
  • Pliable, soft metal – ideal for handling brittle materials such as silicon or glass.

The application fields for the Value-Tec brass tweezers are wide ranging and include: sample handling, microscopy preparation, biological, medical, precision manufacturing, magnetic, handling of brittle materials. Offered in five popular styles.


Specifications of the Value-Tec brass tweezers

Product # Style Material Description Length
50-014803 NN.BM Brass Strong, fine tips 120mm
50-014805 MM-BM Brass Strong fine tips 125mm
50-014807 AA.BM Brass Strong tips 128mm
50-014830 3.BM Brass Sharp, fine tips 120mm
50-014850 5.BM Brass Fine, sharp tips 120mm