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Value-Tec stainless steel general purpose fine tweezers

Value-Tec general purpose tweezers are made from solid stainless steel and intended for general purpose applications. Solid stainless steel provides good corrosion resistance against weak acids, salts, oils, and solvents.  They also have superior corrosion resistance compared to nickel plated carbon steel tweezers. These solid stainless steel tweezers represent exceptional value and are made according to the standard tweezers styles, but tend to be more robust with less sharp tips.  Useful for many less demanding applications in sample preparation, laboratory, field, educational, biology, industrial, electronics, and assembly applications. All Value-Tec tweezers are polished and have a satin gloss surface. For more demanding applications, we recommend the EM-Tec high precision tweezers with the sharper tips.  For use in high magnetic fields or for handling magnets, we recommend using fibre-reinforced plastic tweezers or titanium tweezers.

Four types of Value-Tec general purpose fine tweezers are:

  • Fine tip tweezers in 15 different styles and a set of five in a plastic pouch. Made from non-magnetic stainless steel. Smooth grips, non-serrated tips. For magnetic fields and magnets use fiber reinforced plastic or titanium tweezers.
  • Fine tip reverse action tweezers with self-closing tips to hold samples without pressing the handles. Available in four styles.
  • Flat tip tweezers offered in two styles. For handling delicate parts such as cover glass, small wafers, quarts substrates, stamps, foils etc. Made from non-magnetic stainless steel with smooth tips and serrated grips.
  • Sorting tweezers (also known as diamond or jewelry tweezers) are ergonomic, long slim tweezers which rest against the hand and are ideal for sorting and handling small parts, seeds, gem stones, grains and samples. Choice of six different models. Available with fine tips, lightweight titanium, black epoxy coated, strong tips and locking tweezers.
  • Soft tip tweezers with glass fibre-reinforced polyamide tips and magnetic stainless steel grips. Offered with pointed and blunt tips. Ideal for scratch-sensitive and softer materials.

Specifications of Value-Tec stainless steel general purpose fine tweezers

Product # Style Material Description Length
50-014010 1.NM Non-magn, st.st. Strong, fine pointed tips 120mm
50-014020 2.NM Non-magn, st.st. Strong, pointed tips 120mm
50-014022 2A.NM Non-magn, st.st. Flat, round tips 120mm
50-014025 2AB.NM Non-magn, st.st. Curved, flat round tips 120mm
50-014030 3.NM Non-magn, st.st. Fine pointed tips 120mm
50-014035 3C.NM Non-magn, st.st. Fine pointed tips 115mm
50-014037 3CB.NM Non-magn, st.st. Bent, fine pointed tips 110mm
50-014040 4.NM Non-magn, st.st. Fine pointed tips 114mm
50-014050 5.NM Non-magn, st.st. Strong, fine pointed tips 120mm
50-014057 5AR.NM Non-magn, st.st. Bent, fine, strong, pointed tips 120mm
50-014055 5A.NM Non-magn, st.st. Off-set fine pointed tips 120mm
50-014060 6.NM Non-magn, st.st. Strong, fully bent short tips 115mm
50-014070 7.NM Non-magn, st.st. Curved fine tips 115mm
50-014080 F.NM Non-magn, st.st. Bent fine pointed tips 115mm
50-014134 34A Non-magn, st.st. Long flat straight wide tips 123mm
50-014135 35A Non-magn, st.st. Thin, wide tips 123mm
50-014136 36A Non-magn, st.st. Long flat angled wide tips 123mm
50-014X20 20X.NM Non-magn, st.st. Reverse action #2 pointed tips 118mm
50-014X22 2AX.NM Non-magn, st.st. Reverse action #2A flat round tips 118mm
50-014X30 3X.NM Non-magn, st.st. Reverse action #3 pointed tips 118mm
50-014X50 5X.NM Non-magn, st.st. Reverse action #5 fine pointed tips 118mm
50-014X70 7.NM Non-magn, st.st. Reverse action #7, curved fine tips 115mm
50-014075 7A. NM Non-magn, st.st. Curved, fine tips 115mm
50-014180 SF.NM Non-magn, st.st. Sorting, fine tips 160mm
50-014181 SFB.NM Non-magn, st.st. Sorting, fine tips black coated 160mm
50-014182 SF.Ti Titanium Sorting, fine tips 160mm
50-014183 S.NM Non-magn, st.st. Sorting, strong tips 160mm
50-014184 SFL.NM Non-magn, st.st. Sorting, fine tips, locking 160mm
50-014185 SFLB.NM Non-magn, st.st. Sorting, fine tips, locking, black 160mm
50-014200 200.PG PA/GF Stainless Polyamide pointed tips 130mm
50-014220 220.PG PA/GF Stainless Polyamide blunt tips 130mm
50-014105 Set of 5 Non-magn, st.st. Styles 3/ 5 / 5A / 7 / SS

Technical Support Bulletin: TSB-Material-for-Value-Tec-fine-industrial-fibre-grip-tweezers