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Micro heating stage


The Micro Heating Stage (MHS) has the same form factor as standard SEM stubs and can be mounted to an SEM stage in the same way as stubs. The heating stage is supplied with a temperature control unit which allows the stage to be heated from room temperature up to 200°C. For ease of use the heating stage is fitted with a sliding sample plate that can be inserted into the stage receptacle. The Micro Heating Stage utilizes the same feedthrough system as Kleindiek micromanipulators and can be used in conjunction with our other micromanipulation products. Dimensions: diameter: 16mm, overall height: 10mm, pin length: 6mm, Pin diameter: 3.2mm, temperature range at air: RT – 100°C, temperature range in vacuum: RT – 200°C, temperature resolution: 1°C, temperature stability of sensor: better than 0. 200°C after 1000 hr. Temperature accuracy: 0.5%, analog voltage output accuracy: 0.5% (after offset correction), heating-up time from room temperature: 100 s to 100°C, 200s to 200°C (in vacuum, depending on vacuum level). Cooling-down time from 200°C :200 s to 100°C, 600 s to 45°C (in vacuum, depending on vacuum level). Pressure range: 1E-7 mbar to 1200 mbar. The system includes a temperature control unit and an operator handbook.