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Micromanipulator cryo liftout package


Complete outfit for performing in-situ cryo-TEM specimen liftouts of site-specific TEM lamellae prepared in cryo-FIB. The cryo-compatible gripper is mounted to an MM3A-EM that has been enhanced for use with the cryo gripper using an insulated holder. The insulation allows the micromanipulator to remain at room temperature while the gripper is cooled down to LN2 temperatures by connecting it to the microscope’s cryo system (e.g. from Quroum, Leica or Gatan). MM3A-EM micromanipulator length: 62.1mm, width: 20.4mm, height: 25.4mm. Resolution A: 10-7 rad (5nm. )Resolution B: 10-7 rad (3.5nm). Resolution C: < 0.5 nm. Lowest pressure: 10-7mbar. Material: stainless steel, aluminium A = left/right, B = up/down, C = in/out. Cryo-MGS microgripper total length: 28mm, tip length: 5mm, height: 5mm, gripping area: (5 to 1µm. Resolution: 20nm, gripping force: 5 to 5000µN (variable), maximum span range: 20 to 40µm. Temperature range: 77 K to 353K. Lowest pressure: 10-7mba. The system includes control electronics, iLO control software, a joypad, avacuum feedthrough, a mounting kit and an operator's handbook.