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SEM specimen stubs and specimen holders for Hitachi table top SEMs

This special collection of EM-Tec specimen holders and specimen stubs are compatible with Hitachi table top SEMs TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000, TM1000. They increase productivity, enabling examination of a multitude of SEM specimen types and unlock even more applications. The Hitachi TM series table top SEMs include X/Y stage movement of 35mm and allows for a maximum height of 55mm. The standard SEM specimen stage provides X/Y movements and Z adjustment, but tilt and rotation are optionally available.

The current selection of the EM-Tec SEM specimen holders and SEM stubs are all compatible with the Hitachi TM series with standard stage and include:

1 EM-Tec V22 compact vise type sample holder for up to 22mm

2 EM-Tec VS26 compact double action spring-loaded vise holder for up to 26mmm

3 EM-Tec TV25 variable 0-90° angle tilt holder for stubs up Ø38mm

4 EM-Tec GR20 bulk sample holder for up to Ø20mm, gilded brass

1 – EM-Tec TM30 stage adaptor kit for the Hitachi TM series table top SEMs : (images and ordering information)

The EM-Tec TM30 stage adaptor is fully compatible with all Hitachi TM table top SEMs: TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000. It is intended as a replacement or as an additional stage adaptor, which is useful if special specimen holders are used and the stage adaptor is mounted on the holder. It consists of three parts:

  • Stage adaptor insert with female M6 thread
  • Stage adaptor pillar with male M6 threaded (adjustable height)
  • Aluminium M6 locking ring.

Each of these parts is fully compatible with the existing Hitachi SEM stage adaptor for the TM series. Included is an M4 screw on top of the pillar to attach Hitachi M4 SEM stubs or M4 threaded specimen holders. Useful as additional or replacement stage adaptor for the Hitachi TM series table top SEMs. Fully compatible with all EM-Tec SEM specimen holders with an M4 threaded hole.


2 – EM-Tec specimen holders for the Hitachi TM series table top SEMs (images and ordering information)

TEM-Tec SEM specimen holders for Hitachi TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000 are fully compatible and take into account the SEM stage movements of the original Hitachi stage with X/Y movements of 35mm each way. With EM-Tec holders, tilt can be added to the specimen movements. EM-Tec SEM specimen holders enable quick and secure holding of specimens without the use of adhesives.

Specifications, capacity and dimensions of EM-Tec SEM specimen holders:

Product # Holder type Capacity Holder size Specimen holding method
12-000331 EM-Tec HS2 mini tube/needle clamp 0 – Ø2mm Ø15x10mm x M4 Set screw
12-000311 EM-Tec HS3 mini specimen clamp 2mm thickness Ø15x10mm x M4 Screw/washer
12-000334 EM-Tec GS24 gripping stub 0-4mm 24x13x12mm x M4 Set screw + plate
12-003209 EM-Tec HV5 mini specimen vice clamp 0 – 5mm Ø12.2x17mm x M4 Vise jaws
12-000306 EM-Tec HS6 mini cylinder stub vice 0 – 6mm Ø15x10mm x M4 Set screw
12-000330 EM-Tec HS9 mini split mount vice 0 – 8mm Ø15x10mm x M4 Mini vise jaws
12-000315 EM-Tec HS15 stub vice clamp 0- 16mm Ø25x10mm x M4 Set screw
12-000324 EM-Tec HS16 stub clamp Ø16mm Ø25x10mm x M4 Set screw
12-000328 EM-Tec HS7 mini dual slot vice 2 x 1mm Ø15x6mm x M4 Set screw
12-000314 EM-Tec P4 multi in stub holder 4 x Ø12.7mm Ø31.5×10.5mm x M4 Set screw
12-000356 EM-Tec H3 multi stub holder 3 x Ø15mm Ø25x6mm x M4 3 x M4
12-000345 EM-Tec H45P pre-tilt 45° for pin Ø3.2mm pin Ø12.7x17mm x M4 Set screw
12-000341 EM-Tec H45 pre-tilt 45° for M4 M4 Ø12.7x17mm x M4 M4
12-003340 EM-Tec HS17 mini swivel vice holder 0-4mm/90°-0°-90° Ø12x23mm x M4 Set screw
12-003330 EM-Tec HS18 mini swivel split mount vise 0-8mm/90°-0°-90° Ø15x30mm x M4 Mini vise clamps
12-003110 EM-Tec HGS10 swivel head specimen holder 0-10mm/90°-0°-90° 28x16x32mm x M4 Set screws
12-003315 EM-Tec HS19 swivel stub vise clamp 0-16mm/90°-0°-90° Ø25x30mm x M4 Set screw
11-000315 EM-Tec HSM4 swivel mount adaptor M4 / 90°-0°-90° Ø9x20mm x M4 M4 thread
12-003211 EM-Tec HS17 swivel mount Ø15mm, 0-180° Ø15x30mm x M4 Adhesive
12-000347 EM-Tec TV12 mini variable tilt mount 11x12mm, 0-90° 14x14x14/20mm Adhesive
12-000348 EM-Tec TV25 variable tilt holder M4, 0-90° 35x25x10.5/29.5mm M4
12-000326 EM-Tec M26 metallographic mount holder Ø25mm / Ø1” Ø34×12.5mm Set screw
12-000332 EM-Tec M32 metallographic mount holder Ø30mm / Ø1-1/4” Ø40×12.5mm Set screw
12-000323 EM-Tec GB16 vice bulk specimen holder 16mm 22x19x10mm Set screw
12-000325 EM-Tec B26 vice bulk specimen holder 26mm 34x24x13mm Set screw
12-000317 EM-Tec GR20 bulk specimen holder Ø20mm Ø25x10mm Set screw
12-000333 EM-Tec R32 bulk specimen holder Ø32mm Ø40×12.5mm Set screw
12-000300 EM-Tec V22 bulk specimen holder 22mm 39x25x22mm Screw driven vise jaw
12-003228 EM-Tec VS8 mini spring-loaded vice 0 – 8mm 25x30x12.5mm Spring-loaded vise plate
12-000321 EM-Tec VS12 spring-loaded vice holder 0 – 12mm / Ø18mm 30x25x15mm Spring loaded vise jaw
12-000322 EM-Tec VS26 spring-loaded vice holder 0 – 26mm / Ø34mm 50x25x15mm Spring loaded vise jaw
12-000308 EM-Tec SC1 Specimen clamp small 15x10mm 23x20x9mm 2x S-Clamp strips
12-000309 EM-Tec SC2 Specimen clamp medium 25x15mm 33x25x9mm 2x S-Clamp strips
12-000310 EM-Tec SC2R Specimen clamp recessed 25x15mm 33x25x14mm 2x S-Clamp strips


3 – EM-Tec S-Clip holders for Hitachi TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000 table top SEMs (images at ordering information)

TEM-Tec S-Clips holders with the spring-loaded specimen clips compatible with Hitachi TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000 table top SEMs are available on:

  •  Standard horizontal SEM pin stub
  •  45° and 45° /90° SEM pin stubs
  • 90° SEM pin stubs.

They are ideal for holding thin SEM specimens such as silicon wafer chips, metal strips, plastic foils, etc.

Specifications of S-Clip holders:

Product # Style Stub size  S-Clips #
12-004910-1 Horizontal Ø15x10mm 1
12-004920-1/2/3 Horizontal Ø25x10mm 1 or 2 or 3
12-004930-1/2/3 Horizontal Ø32x10mm 1 or 2 or 3
12-004911 +/- 90° Ø15x15mm 1
12-004947 0-180° variable tilt 11x12mm 1
12-004925 45° Ø25x16mm 1
12-004927 45°/90° Ø25x16mm 2
12-004929 2 x 90° Ø25x16mm 2
12-004914 4 x 90° 12.7×12.7x15mm 4

4 – EM-Tec SEM specimen stubs for  the Hitachi TM series of table top SEMs

Hitachi table top SEMs use standard Hitachi-type SEM specimen stubs with an M4 threaded hole in the base. Up to 32mm diameter Hitachi SEM stubs can be used in the TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM300 and TM1000 table top SEMs. Stubs can be mounted directly on the SEM stage adaptor supplied with the table top SEM or on the EM-Tec TM30 replacement stage adaptor.

The following types of specimen stubs are available:

  • Standard flat Hitachi cylinder stubs with M4 in the popular 15mm and 25.mm and 32mm diameters. Available with heights of 6m and 10mm.
  • Angled Hitachi cylinder stubs with 45°, 45/90° and 90° pre-tilt surfaces.
  • Dish-type SEM pin stub with 15mm diameter and recessed top for fluid specimens and solutions.

See the full range of Hitachi stubs on our stub page.

5 – EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors for Hitachi TM4000, TM4000plus, TM3030plus, TM3030, TM3000 and TM1000 table top SEMs:    (images at ordering information)

With EM-Tec SEM stub adaptors, you can use standard SEM pin stubs and JEOL SEM stubs on Hitachi tabletop SEMs. Ease to use as there is no need to re-mount the specimen and so the specimen integrity is safe. Also useful for using calibration standards, which can be mounted on a different stub. Recommended SEM stub adaptors are:

Specifications of the specimen stub adapters for the Hitachi TM-series:

Product # Type Accepts and adapts to: Base Overall size
11-000304 H15P Pin stubs with Ø3.2×9.5mm & Ø3.2x6mm pins Hitachi M4 thread Ø15x15mm
11-000305 HS4 Cambridge S4 mount Hitachi M4 thread Ø30x10mm
11-000310 HJ10 Ø9.5mm JEOL cylinder stub Hitachi M4 thread Ø15x10mm
11-000311 HJ11 Ø12.2mm JEOL or ISU stub Hitachi M4 thread Ø35 x 10mm
11-000316 HJ16 Ø12.2mm JEOL & Ø15mm ISI cylinder stub Hitachi M4 thread Ø25x10mm
11-000326 HJ25 Ø25mm JEOL cylinder stub Hitachi M4 thread Ø34x10mm
11-000332 HJ32 Ø32mm JEOL cylinder stub Hitachi M4 thread Ø40x10mm