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High purity carbon tabs and tapes

Especially developed for SEM / EDS applications, the material used for both the tabs and tapes is fully transparent for EDS with only trace amounts of Al and Si. The material is constructed using a non-woven liner coated on both sides with a conductive, carbon filled pressure -sensitive acrylic adhesive. The total thickness of the material is approximately 150µm with an adhesive thickness of 45µm on both sides. The adhesive used has a high adhesion strength to metals, plastics, ceramics, wafers, rubber, wood, glass, paper, and small particles or fibres. The conductivity of carbon tapes and tabs is lower than the conductivity of double-sided copper tape or of double-sided conductive Lift-N-Press tabs, but they are still fully compatible with SEM/EDS applications.


  • Thin material: 150µm total with 45µm on each side of a 35µm non-woven carrier
  • Plastic liner on both sides
  • Use temperature range: -20°C to + 60°C
  • Low outgassing rates
  • Fully EDS transparent high purity for EDS applications
  • High strength thin adhesive (2 x 45µm) combined with high tack
  • Long shelf life and can be stored in a refrigerator
  • Resistance: 50K-200K

High purity conductive double-sided adhesive carbon tabs

EM-Tec high purity conductive double-sided adhesive carbon tabs are supplied on a clear plastic sheet with a white plastic liner tab. Available as Ø6mm, Ø9mm Ø12mm and Ø25mm carbon tabs.

To use: lift the tab of the clear backing sheet, press the sticky surface to the mount, then peel away the white liner tab, leaving the adhesive exposed. Mount specimens on the exposed adhesive. Alternatively, the white liner tab can be removed, the stub pressed on the exposed carbon tab and the clear plastic lifted off.  The use of sharp pointed tweezers helps to lift of the tabs and liner. The carbon tabs can be easily removed with isopropanol, ethyl acetate, ethanol or acetone.

  • Ø6mm carbon tabs are intended for smaller specimens or when smaller tabs are required
  • Ø9mm carbon tabs are compatible with Ø9.5mm JEOL stubs
  • Ø12mm carbon tabs are compatible with Ø12.7mm pin stubs, Ø12.2mm JEOL stubs and Ø15mm Hitachi stubs
  • Ø25mm carbon tabs are compatible with Ø25.4mm pin stubs, Ø25mm JEOL stubs and Ø25mm Hitachi stubs


High purity conductive double-sided adhesive carbon tape

The material is identical to that used for the tabs with one difference – the tapes are self-wound with a thin white liner on one side of the tape. The tape can be shaped into custom forms, strips and cut-outs. Available in 5mm, 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 50mm width by 20m long.

To use: cut the required length of carbon tape from the roll and cut to shape if needed (do this with care since one side has exposed adhesive). Adhere tape to the specimen support. Remove the top liner and stick the specimen to the tape. The use of sharp pointed tweezers can be used to help lift the liner from the adhesive. The carbon tape can be removed with isopropanol, ethyl acetate, ethanol or acetone.

High purity conductive double-sided adhesive carbon sheets

Made from the same material as the high purity carbon tabs and tapes, conductive double-sided adhesive carbon sheets are ideal for cutting to size as required. This product is widely used for SEM / EDS applications. The material exhibits low outgassing and allows larger areas to adhere to specimens. Sheet size is 54 x 125mm with a thickness of 0.15mm. There is a liner on both sides and they are sold in packs of 10 sheets.

Super-smooth alternatives…

 Super-smooth, high purity double sided conductive adhesive carbon tabs and tapes are especially developed for imaging and analysis applications of fine powder and fibre specimens.  For further information see this link.

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